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To ensure the correct functioning of rotating devices, periodic tests need to be performed by specialized personnel.

We use various mobile laboratories staffed by experienced and qualified technicians who have the latest, most sophisticated analytical instruments at their disposal.

This program includes:

  • Performance analysis

  • Noise level determination

  • Balance of rotating parts at operating speed

  • Vibration spectrum analysis

  • Alignment check (laser assisted)

  • Bearing condition check

  • Predictive-preventive checks

  • Issuance of comprehensive service report


In our Cambiago (Milan) facility we have a dedicated area where various tests can be performed, such as:

  • Air flow tests as per various regulations (ISO, AMCA, British Standard)

  • Running test (mechanical tests to study vibration and temperature characteristics).

  • Noise level tests in sound chamber.

  • Break point speed test.

  • High-temperature operation test.


In order to better meet the needs of our clients, we offer specialized services to check the “health” of our motors and alternators.

These services are aimed at preventing malfunctions and breakdowns. Information on performance can be obtained while the equipment is in use and/or during a planned shut-down for preventive maintenance.

Electrical equipment consists of two components:

  • mechanical element

  • electrical element

For each of these, an appropriate diagnostic method has to be employed.

For the mechanical element, vibration values are determined, as is done for all rotating components. Instead, for the electrical part, the condition of insulation, absorption of dust, humidity and other deteriorating factors are determined through appropriate checks and inspections.


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